Hot Fuzz (2007)


After the success of comedy horror Shaun of the Dead, director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (and co) turned their attention to spicing up the buddy cop genre.

When talented but bureaucratic London police officer Nicholas Angel (Pegg) is sent to a sleepy village called Sandford, he teams up with the local police chief's inept son (Frost). Together they realise the village's low crime rate is not all it seems.

I first reviewed Shaun of the Dead nearly 9 years ago, shortly after watching Dawn of the Dead, and stated that Wright and Pegg's film parodied George A. Romero's classic.

If Shaun of the Dead was a clever parody, then Hot Fuzz steps things up a notch by leaving behind many of the slow suspenseful scenes, but keeps the hilariously exaggerated gore and turns up the action to full power. It's loud and sarcastic, but never too brash as it is also deceptively witty with snide comments that are easy to miss.

The whodunnit element traditional in most cop films is there, but by the end of the film you simply won't care. It isn't relevant. This isn't an action flick, this is a rip roaring comedy and is one to kick back with an ice old drink and enjoy how it all plays out.

4 stars


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