Back To The Future: Part II (1989)

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Source: Wikipedia

Back To The Future Part II continues from where the first film left off. Doc (Christopher Lloyd) returns from the future in order to warn Marty (Michael J. Fox) that there is trouble ahead for him. They head off - with Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) to the year 2015 and the time where skyways are common (err...).

The town square has been rebuilt complete with a futuristic theme - which is familiar but altogether different from the 1950's and 1980's scenes from the original film. The original's chase scene is recreated on hover boards as Marty once again tries to escape his nemesis Biff Tannen. Marty gets to see into his own future as he changes his son's future to prevent him from going to jail and ripping his family apart.

Biff's older self steals the Delorian and goes back to the past with an old sporting almanac to guarantee himself good fortune - thus changing his future. Doc and Marty realise the change after they return to 1985, and set about trying prevent Biff ever handing over the almanac.

While Back To The Future: Part II should be considered a film in it's own right, it should be noted that without the original Back To The Future it may not make much sense - especially as it continues immediately where the original left off. Throughout the film, many references are made - and indeed these are also carried on into the third film.

As with Aliens, the film does a clever job of taking all the good things from the first in the franchise and expanding on those ideas. More is made about the results of what could happen if you meddle with the past and the repercussions that these bring. Again, there are many holes in the theory of this; why is the Delorian still in the same position even though Biff has changed the past?

Despite this, the film is still very watchable and an good continuation of a very successful franchise. The music is still full of big hits and the town square has been done up spectacularly. Director Robert Zemeckis and his crew did a stirling job throughout.

Not quite as good as the original, but highly recommended.