Back To The Future: Part II (1989)

Continuing from where the original leaves off, Back To The Future: Part II sees Doc (Christopher Lloyd) returning from the future in order to warn Marty (Michael J. Fox) that there is trouble ahead for him. They head off - with Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) to the very futuristic year of 2015(...) where skyways are common.

To the uninitiated - including myself before writing this review - it would be easy to believe that Back to the Future was always designed to be a franchise, but it wasn't until the rip-roaring success of the first film that a sequel was commissioned.

Robert Zemeckis (Director) and Bob Gale (Screenwriter) were both quickly back on board, now having regrets about the "joke" of the flying car ending from the first movie, realising that they would have to write in Jennifer for the sequel.

Broadly the story follows the same arc as its predecessor - shoehorning in many of the same jokes but updating them to the new 2015 timeline. It is perhaps this reticence and recycling that caused contemporary critics to be slightly less praiseworthy.

Despite that, Part II has in many ways surpassed the success of Back to the Future, with scenes such as the hoverboard and self-tying shoes becoming famous even for those not familiar with the films. It also expanded on the concept of a split timeline (though don't expect much in the way of science) - something with modern audiences are experiencing again with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd continue their fine performances and quirky chemistry, backed up with the slapstick humour of Thomas F. Wilson.

It never quite reaches the charm and originality of the original - but is a fine film in its own right.

4 stars


  1. This was my least favorite of the trilogy. It seemed that Zemeckis and Gale really thought we needed a whole lot more Biff (and Biff relatives).

  2. I don't think I like this sequel all that much. I think think part 3 with the western theme is a better sequel though I hesitate to rewatch any of these as I fear I might not like them as much.

    Have a lovely day.

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