Labyrinth (1986)

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A girl must rescue her brother after accidentally calling Goblins to take him away.

Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) feels put upon by her parents, and after babysitting her little brother turns into a competition of who can shout the loudest, she wishes him away.

The Goblins from her favourite book, Labyrinth, are willing to oblige. They whisk him away into their King's (David Bowie) castle which is protected by a huge labyrinth.

Sarah travels to the Goblin world and vows to rescue her brother, but there's more to the labyrinth than meets the eye.

The late, great Jim Henson has a lot to answer for. Visually similar to an extended version of The Muppets, Labyrinth sees David Bowie (a popular musician) leading a horde of bizarre looking puppets to keep hold of a captured child while his sister makes her way through an impossible maze.

As you can expect, the film can easily divide opinion amongst children and adults alike. Some children will be drawn to the animated characters whilst others may find them disturbing with faces that are difficult to relate to. Some adults will enjoy the humorous one-liners and general comedy, whilst others will wonder what the point of the whole story is.

David Bowie does demonstrate that not only can he act, but that he can also sing (who'd have known?). More often than not though, I was just left wondering whether I was watching Sesame Street as the cast burst into song as the story continues on around them.

On another note, Labyrinth reminds me of another mid 80's film - Gremlins. They're both aimed at moving children away from Disney and onto more adult-based films, and use puppetry to lure them away from cartoons. They're both quite fun though, despite bordering on the weird. Unfortunately, my movie knowledge around this time appears to have gone by the wayside, and both films had me raising eyebrows.

I shall just finished with what I thought when the credits rolled. "Hmm, odd."


  1. Oh now... that's just blasphemy. lol I LOVE this movie... one of my favorites from my childhood that I make my children sit through!

    In Which We Start Anew

  2. I haven't seen this one, but it sounds interesting enough. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  3. Great choice for your blog today. A few points here. 1. The movie is fabulous!, My 3 year old LOVEs it just as I did when I was little and still do. Hensen really was the master at this kind of thing. 2. David Bowie was and is a legend in music. 3. Bowie doesnt have different coloured eyes, one is in fact permanently dilated giving the impression that it is brown, when his actual eye colour is blue.

    A brilliant movie, and if you havent seen it, make sure you do.

    1. I knew this review would be a bit controversial with Labyrinth's loyal following. I ought to point out that I did know David Bowie is also a singer, there was an element of sarcasm.

      I never watched either the muppets (or sesame street) when I was younger and have never really understood the attraction of puppetry so for this to be recommended for the A&Z by my girlfriend it was a bit out of my comfort zone I suppose.

  4. I enjoyed this movie immensely as a kid, but I can understand the confusion. The part with the old lady in the garbage dump always sort of confused me and freaked me out.

    1. As I said - "hmm, odd.".

      I might have to give it another go soon.

  5. Three stars? I think it needs at least four due to the epic song: 'Magic Dance' as well as the intersting and rather off-kelter storyline. The bog of eternal stench is probably the most hilarious thing i've ever heard.. but my God I wouldn't like to get dunked in it. AND using Bowie is genius - 80s icon if i've ever seen one.

    1. If I'd watched it as a child I'd probably love it through nostalgia. But I just don't get it.


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