Evil Dead II (1987)

A man inadvertently releases a spirit and it attempts to kill him before dawn.

When Ash takes his girlfriend for a quiet weekend at a secluded cabin the last thing he expects to find is a 'book of the dead'. As he switching on a recording of the book, a spirit rushes into the house, possessing his girlfriend.

So begins the most frightening night of Ash's life as he must try to remain alive against everything that the demon throws at him - whilst trying to finding a way to rid the world of it once and for all.

Evil Dead II is simply mad. It's a horror that borders on being a spoof of itself, such is it fraught with moments that are hilarious. That's not to say it's not scary though as it features some of the most jumpy moments I've ever encountered and it's impressive how Sam Raimi manages to get the balance of horror and humour right.

The camera shots are equally inventive. With some scenes bordering on bizarre, a whole range of angles, techniques and shots are used. We have first person shots as Ash is sent flying by the demon and fast zoom achieved by quickening up the shot to almost insane speeds.

Of course, the story does lack a little - but then, for a film that will make you wonder whether to laugh or cry (or empty your bowels), these things can be forgiven, no?

Hilarious, scary and - excluding the previous film - very original.