A Nightmare at Christmas

The watching of films over Christmas this year has been a nightmare.
OK, so there has been a bit of radio silence on the blog over the past week or so. Here are my excuses:
  • The next film I have to watch - Day For Night - is notoriously difficult to get hold of in the UK and I have now just ordered up my third copy to arrive in from the United States after the two previous versions were only in French audio with the option for French or Italian subtitles. I don't speak either of these languages with any conviction.
  • It's Christmas! There are a number of reviews on the way (the new Sherlock Holmes and an Eastwood special Magnum Force are included), but for the meantime you'll have to accept my silence as me enjoying a nice relaxing Christmas with the family watching those truly awful films that gets shown around this time of year.
Happy Christmas Everyone!