The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells of a man who lives his life in reverse; born as an old man, he gradually decreases in age.

Abandoned by his father from birth because of his old looks, Benjamin is brought up by his surrogate parents who work in an old people's home. There he sees people come and go as a lonely child until he befriends Daisy, a young girl visiting her grandmother.

There starts a love story of two people travelling in opposite directions in the life.

It is a brave director that headlines Brad Pitt only to leave him off-screen for the first hour of the film, but David Fincher doesn't really do love-based drama, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button isn't really your normal film.

As well as being a love story throughout the ages, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button closely resembles several other themes laid out in Forrest Gump. Its protagonist is one who you can't help but fall in love with despite his irregularity from society and the other characters in the film. Again, like Forrest Gump, there are also crossover elements with famous American events; in one scene a comforting shot of a space shuttle launch can be seen in the background.

Reverting to the subject of Pitt's role in the film, it is difficult to tell exactly when he arrives. Some genius make up combined with subtle camera shots cleverly hide the moment that Pitt takes over from the aged teen. In fact, throughout his role, it isn't even easy to see the moment when he crosses over his own real life age.

It should also be noted that many will be put off for the long running time but, like the pivotal message that is sent out throughout the film, every single second tells a vital part of the story.

Be prepared to be ripped apart emotionally as the rollercoaster of life displays its peaks and troughs in a film that is very curious indeed.
    5 stars