The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

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Source: Wikipedia
James Bond returns to as Britain's favourite spy must save the world once again.

Someone has managed to come up with a system to track the British nuclear submarines and immediately the Russians are blamed. As always, Bond (Roger Moore) must get to the truth - and the microfilm - before the old Cold War enemy.

The Spy Who Loved Me is James Bond's tenth outing (Moore's third appearance as the spy) and features one of the franchise's most famous villains.

During his time as James Bond, Roger Moore was fortunate to have led some of the best films during the film's franchise. Out of all the films he starred in - including Moonraker and Live and Let Die - The Spy Who Loved Me is about on par.

The Spy Who Loved Me also features some of the best gadgets from the series, from Bond's Lotus Esprit (with a hidden talent) to the more subtle use of a cigarette lighter as part of a the microfilm viewer. Combining this with the fact that The Spy Who Loved Me contains Jaws, Bond's infamous seven-foot tall, hard-as-nails, metal-mouth villain played by Richard Kiel, and all the ingredients for a great Bond are there.

Despite this though, The Spy Who Loved Me fails slightly to live up to it's counterparts from the same era. In its own right it is a truly awesome Bond film, but, as mentioned, the likes of Octopussy and Live and Let Die overcast it somewhat.

A great film, but not a great Bond.