104 - The City of Lost Children (1995)

The City of Lost Children tells the story of a scientist, Krank, who steals children's dreams in order to slow his accelerated ageing process.

One, a dim-witted circus entertainer and former fisherman teams up with Miette, an abandoned orphan thief after One's adopted brother goes missing.

Their search takes them all over the streets, and occasionally under them as they discover that there is more to the Cyclops than meets the eye.
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Source: Wikipedia
With styling as surreal as the story, directors Jeunet and Caro appear to emulate the 1985 film Brazil in graphical effort albeit with a plotline that is far more accessible because of its fairytale-like qualities.

His story is aided well by the contrast in the leading characters; Ron Perlman is perfectly cast as the affectionate giant and Judith Viette is equally brilliant as the young orphaned girl who wants to be wanted. As stirring cast of evil villains, from the renegade clone Krank and his slightly less villainous creator to the conjoined twins who take up Oliver Twist's 'Fagin' role as leaders of the thieving orphans.

Despite plenty of dirty, sniggering moments, The City of Lost Children is - at heart - an innocent adventure which is dastardly difficult to understand. As the pieces of the story start to fall into place, you will undoubtedly appreciate the director's joint vision.