089 - Carrie (1976)

Carrie tells the story of a telekinetic girl who exacts revenge on her school bullies.

Carrie (Sissy Spacek) doesn't fit in at school. Her mother is a religious preacher and when Carrie has her first period at school she panics because she doesn't know what is happening to her.

The other girls laugh at her earning themselves a week's detention in the process. One girl offers her beau to Carrie for the prom by way of reparation, but another is less forgiving leading to a final shocking showdown at the school prom.

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Source: Wikipedia
Based on the book of the same name by Stephen King, Carrie tackled a horror genre that was very common in the 1970's. It is far less shocking that its contemporaries and, after the opening, the more horrific scenes are saved until the very end of the film.

Sissy Spacek is the ideal role for Carrie - she has the look of a fragile young lady whilst also sharing that with her talent for great acting. This is summed up perfectly in the opening scenes where Carrie has her first period and Spacek is able to show a huge vulnerability and combine it with sheer terror.

Unfortunately between the initial shock and grand finale the film drifts off into a slightly boring monotony following both the bully girls and Carrie's overzealous religious fanatic mother. Even hardcore King fans will be pushed to choose this film over another especially as the book seems to provide a bigger shock without visual aids.

Decent beginning and even better ending but you'd be better off making a cup of tea in the middle.