Frozen (2010)

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Source: Wikipedia
Frozen is about what happened when three friends get left in a ski lift too high to jump down.

Parker (Emma Bell) is the only female of the group and has tagged along with her boyfriend Dan (Kevin Zegers) and his best friend Joe (Shawn Ashmore) on their regular skiing trip. Following a successful morning's skiing, during which Joe reveals he never skis with a phone and Parker reveals she frankly can't ski at all, they find themselves halfway up a ski lift after hours as a series of events conspires the resort to shut down before they are off.

As the trio find themselves nearing desperation, having realised that they may be left there for nearly a week, someone must take drastic action in order to get themselves down and away from the circling wolves below.

Despite a bit of a pathetic start where the characters are introduced in a very teen-movie oriented fashion, Frozen really gets going once the characters are 30 feet from the ground braving the below freezing temperatures.

Some of the scenes are quite shocking, erring on the terrifying, and it is clear that director Adam Green was keen to ensure that his film didn't finish with a gooey happy ending. That's right, one - or more (I don't want to give anything away) - of the characters die in a gory way.

The acting is very basic, a few talking moments where back stories are revealed are intermittently interupted by an ear-piercing scream by Bell. The two males show very little adventure in the acting - but their roles don't require much outside of the box as they spend much of the film sat in a chair.

As the film progresses the character's conditions deteriorate and that's when Frozen starts to set a better pace; the tension starts to build and with hungry wolves circling below, memories of Jaws resurface as both films will inevitably damage their respective leisure industries.

Clever direction, average acting.