070 - The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne Ultimatum concludes the Bourne Trilogy with Jason Bourne returning home.

With the exposure of top secret operation Blackbriar's existence by The Guardian's journalist Simon Ross, the CIA blunder an attempt to kill him and presumed informant Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) at the same time.

This causes Bourne to uncover further truths - from the real informant - before heading back to where his missions all began in order to find out who his old superiors are - and remove them.

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Despite the high standard set by the previous films, The Bourne Ultimatum continues the upward trend set by Supremacy. It is certainly the best film in the trilogy, with another car chase that rivals even that of the second film.

The film's maturity is displayed in the lightly remixed soundtrack, outputting a much more electronic melody than both Identity and Supremacy. This doesn't take away from the atmosphere though and despite having fewer moments of tension, the action and chase sequences are cranked up a few more notches.

Physically, Damon looks far older than the previous two films, mostly due to the 8-year gap between this one and the original, Identity. He seems to have retained his athleticism though and duly displays this in the numerous fight scenes that by this point the Bourne trilogy has become renowned for.

The follow on from director Paul Greengrass is once again displayed as the flashbacks continue to haunt Bourne's state of mind. Actually, it beggars belief that a film with this much connection to its prequel can take 3 years to polish off. Still, the time that Greengrass put in has rewarded him with a film that is frequently applauded in top movie lists.

A fantastic end (or is it?) to the trilogy.