050 - Behind The Sun (2001)

Behind The Sun tells the story of a family's honour.

Tonio's family have been feuding with another family for generations. They fight over the land, and when one member of one family is killed, the other family seek revenge on the killer who in turns seek revenge on that killer. The next victim wears a black armband.

Tonio's family is now rather small following the death of his older brother. He now lives with just his young brother 'kid' and his parents. After he shoots the killer of his brother, he is told he has just 28 days to live; until the next full moon. The elder of the other family tells him this is very little time to achieve anything in his life.

After a chance visit from some lost travellers, 'kid' wants to see the circus. There Tonio finds his opportunity for love in the shape of Clara - a fire-breathing assistant. The film tells of Tonio's struggle to keep his family's honour or fight for his life - and love.
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Set in the wild Brazilian outback, Behind The Sun offers very little in the way of stunning backdrops. Much of the scenery is sparse, filled with acre upon acre of sugar cane fields. This only sets to highlight the savagery of the actions that are being undertaken by each family, and the desperate nature of Tonio's family.

What it lacks in landscape, Behind The Sun more than makes up for in other areas. The character depth is outstanding. The story may have a simple backbone but the story behind each character is full of emotion and desire. The contrast between Clara and Tonio highlight the main theme of the film, as one longs to travel while the other longs to settle down.

Kid's character is perhaps the most clever; following his present of a book he begins to display emotion and imagination that hasn't been seen in the family feud prior to it. As he longs to be taken away by his over-exaggerated mermaid, he also has the realism to understand that in order for him to achieve his dreams he must act to stop the feud.

This all leads up to a powerful ending that leaves the audience with mixed emotions. The ending is spot-on, tying up all loose ends while leaving the poignant feeling of sadness.

A must see.