044 - Bambi (1942)

Bambi tells the story of the life of a deer. As Bambi travels from child- into adulthood, he must overcome the dangers that await him.

Bambi - the 'new prince' is born to the attention of all of the forest's animals. As he grows and develops his walk and speech, he is accompanied by his friends, Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk.

His mother introduces him to the dangers of the forest, including Man - the most feared creature. Bambi's development continues through the April showers and winter until he reaches adolescence the following year.

As man returns, Bambi must ensure his survival.

Theatrical Poster
Source: Wikipedia
Bambi, Disney's fifth animated classic, is almost a cornerstone for Disney's development afterwards. While much of the artwork is based around the same style as Dumbo (though in comparison it makes Dumbo look very basic), the storyline is very similar to Disney's huge 1990's hit The Lion King. Human cruelty is further explored in One Hundred And One Dalmations, and of course the musical hits live on.

On that subject, Bambi is one of Disney's least disguised musicals. The major hit Little April Shower is one of DIsney's most renowned musical pieces. Throughout the music and the picture align perfectly and it is clear how well connected the various departments in Disney worked to try and make their fifth theatrical masterpiece.

Intermingling the moral messages which all children should abide by in a utopian society is subtle comedy to keep people from all ages interested - my whole family sat down to watch this, and this is a tribute to the film.

A must see - especially for those finding their way in life.