The World Of Apu (1959)

DVD Box - The Apu Trilogy
This film is not in the Empire 500 - it is part of The Apu Trilogy which is in the Empire 500.

The Apu Trilogy is completed with The World Of Apu (Apu Sansar). In every sense, this film is more mature that the previous two. Satyajit's directing moves the film into a new direction - away from the innocent boy and into the man.

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Apu is growing up. Following a whole host of deaths around him in the previous films he moved onto study but finds himself short of money again, forcing him to leave education and try to find work. His landlord is chasing him for money and he is being stared at by the girl across the street.

Just as it seems Apu's luck is running out his friend Pulu visits, who has been looking for him for a few weeks. Apu is invited back to Pulu's village for a wedding, and ends up being the groom himself after the pre-arranged husband turns insane. Having never been in an emotional relationship before, Apu struggles to show his true self to his new wife Aparna, and tries to put her off by telling her of his poverty. Failing this, he brings her back to Calcutta where they begin to bond.

Without trying to give too much of the story away, it continues in the same humble state as the previous two films of the trilogy. Apu's life continues on a seemingly downward trend - with the occasional lift, before finishing the film with a smile on his face.

Not as good as the first two, but it does the trilogy proud with it's continued flow of emotion.