Keeping Mum (2005)

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This film is not in the Empire 500.

Maggie Smith, Rowan Atkinson and Patrick Swayze headline in an all-star cast in this comedy set in rural England.

The dark, British humour is evident from Emila Fox's cameo at the beginning of the film where a suitcase oozing with blood is found aboard a train belonging to Thomas' character Grace Hawkins. She is immediately arrested and charged with murder.

Forward a few years, in a world where Grace is now played by the irreplaceable Maggie Smith. She comes to visit a family with it's own set of problems - the Goodfellows. Walter (Rowan Atkinson) is the naive father whose play-away sexually frustrated wife, Gloria (Kristin Scott Thomas), is having an affair with Lance (Patrick Swayze). Petey, the son, is being bullied at school while his sister, Holly (Tamsin Egerton) is with a different boyfriend every week, making her mother jealous.

As the film progresses, it begins to show it's dark side once more as mysterious things begin to happen in order to bring the family good luck. Maggie Smith is at her best as her seemingly unaware housekeeper character is given more ridiculous situations to help the Goodfellows.

Atkinson's shy and retiring Vicar makes a change from his most famous role as the calamitous Bean, and he laps it up, showing a distinct lack of emotion and a lot of blank, confused face.

Good, British comedy with a clever end.