The Goonies (1985)

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Source: Wikipedia
This film is not in the Empire 500.

It's the mid-1980's and everyone is 'cool' wearing denim clothes and talking in the trendy mod way. Featuring a past assistant to Indiana Jones, a future Hobbit and a future President Bush, it would be difficult to imagine The Goonies as a very good film at all. Luckily, Richard Donner is at the helm, and the strange rabble of future-stars are pulled together in a crazy way that just seems to work.

The Goonies is a children's pirate adventure. 'The Goonies' is the nickname given to a group of children that live in a town that is about to be demolished in place of a fancy golf resort. There is only a few hours until the group is split up and the families have to move, but luckily Mikey (Sean Astin - future Hobbit) has found a treasure map leading to (no sniggers at the back) One-Eyed Willie's stash.

Of course, no children's film would be complete without the bad guys, and who better than a man who has just escaped from prison? To dumb down this fact, his mother and brothers - one of whom is seriously disfigured - join him in trying to wrestle the treasure away from those meddling kids.

In some respects the film has taken elements of Indiana Jones - the long cavern booby trapped years before by someone wishing to guard their treasure well after their death. It is a slight shame that the screenplay doesn't adapt further on this - especially with gadget man Data (Jonathon Ke Quan - previously an aide to Indiana himself) in tow.

That said, the film is full of adventure and although it is primarily aimed at children, teens and adults will appreciate it too.