019 - Amélie (2001)

Wow, the French are a jolly nationality, right?

Amélie is a feel good comedy based around the life of a sheltered home-educated young woman. Despite having had a few sexual experiences, she finds love a daunting prospect - something that no doubt many of us have been faced with at some point in our lives.

The film opens with a simple "he likes...; she doesn't like..." scenario, showing that everyday annoyances - such as accidently brushing a stranger's hand - are offset by life's simple pleasures - such as popping bubble wrap. This, again, is something relatable and the innocence of it all is spellbinding.

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Having found an old box of child's toys in her apartment, Amélie decides to track down its owner just to see how it would make them feel. Her reclusiveness forces her to only indirectly meet the owner but it's clear to her that she wants to make people happy.

The rest of the story follows in the same jolly lines - a cast of strongly personified characters, all with minor problems, are slowly but surely solved in the sly, comedic manner of Amélie's methods.

A big mention should be made to Audrey Tautou at this point. Her acting of Amélie was a refreshment throughout and she has the perfect innocent mischief that was essential for the role.

Beautiful film - a must see.