012 - All About Eve (1950)

Let me start this review off by saying that I'm not overly keen on black and white films - it's not because they're inferior to modern colour pictures, but because I find it difficult to hold attention to a film that is lacking in vibrant shades of technicolor. All About Eve is in black and white... and I enjoyed it.

All About Eve tells the story of Eve (Anne Baxter) trying to emulate Margo (Bette Davis) who is a famous theatre actress. From the outset we learn that Margo is much like the stereotypical modern movie stars - moody and demanding - but despite this, Eve is just pleased to be her friend. The storyline gradually changes through the film as Eve starts to move further into Margo's life, attempting to take her fame, relationships and ultimately her career.

Theatrical Poster
The movie has an element of disturbance about it, showing life in show-business is cut-throat and that it is every actor/actress for themselves. As Eve gently grabs parts of Margo's life she leaves us - the audience - still feeling like she is the good guy in all of this.

Slowly Eve's lies start to unravel themselves and she finds herself on the end of her manager's on scheming ways and the ending is clever - further displaying elements of the shallow lives of those in the theatre.

Recommended to anyone who is interested in getting into show business.