008 - Aladdin (1992)

The 1990's was arguably Disney's finest decade with 9 animated classics ranging from the average Rescuers Down Under to the brilliant The Lion King. So, how could it compete with such a choice of feature length animations?

Aladdin tells the tale of a pauper who aspires to win the heart of Princess Jasmine - all set in the stereotypical 3rd century India. Naturally, being Disney, there are hiccups that are encountered on the way in the form of Jafar and Iago, advisers to the entranced Sultan and generally greedy bad guys. Aladdin and Apu (his cheeky monkey), team up with Genie of the lamp and a flying carpet to free the Sultan and create Disney's famous happy ending.

Theatrical Poster
Despite following the same old storyline (boy meets girl, overcomes trouble, wins girl), Aladdin is certainly in my top five Disney films of all time. This is mostly because of Genie - now one of Disney's most recognisable icons - who is voiced by the talented Robin Williams. When playing quirky characters, Williams has the ability to personify anyone using the sheer variety in accents and tones from his voice and - as such - he was the ideal candidate to fill the Genie's lungs.

The flying carpet is another wonderful thing in the film. I can imagine the scene in the animation studios; "WHAT?! We have to make a carpet a main character?! It doesn't even have a face!!". What they came up with was just brilliant. Personified by it's tassles, the carpet was given one of the strongest personalities within the whole film.

The songs are not as recognisable as other classics, but "A Whole New World" has become a fan's favourite - almost summing up what Disney were creating throughout the 90's.