The Accidental Tourist (1988)

After the death of his son and the consequential breakdown of his marriage, Macon Leary's (William Hurt) life is changed when he meets Muriel Pritchitt (Geena Davis).

Lawrence Kasdan's The Accidental Tourist is a slow film that trundles through Leary's life after his wife leaves him. Hurt plays the role well, conveying a distinct lack of emotion throughout the film - and in fact he leaves his single smile for the final scene. His character seems oblivious to the world around him - lost to the stories and advice he offers travellers.

Despite the slow storyline, Davis tries hard to inject humour into the situation, but this rarely breaks the sombre mood. Perhaps this is testament to some clever background music which beautifully aids Hurt's acting.

While the film may not be for all, it sticks to its guns and the ending is cleverly delivered and will please those who can stick out the previous couple of hours.

3 stars